Transforming the Peer Workforce
through Online Innovation and Training

Talent Learning Management System: A better way to train online.

The Peer Workforce Alliance is proud to partner with Talent, for our modern online Learning Management System (LMS).

Interested in hosting your online training with the Peer Workforce Alliance?

Our online training platform is open to our entire community. Whether you are looking for a place to host your required training course, need to obtain feedback from your users, or are looking to develop material, we have space for you. 

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Learn in the Cloud and on the go...

Our cloud-based learning platform is mobile-ready, so your employees can train on the go. Its clean interface is simple, yet robust, and can support SCORM content, meet ADA Accessibility requirements, offer a suite of customizable data management tools, and build custom test content.

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Register for online learning by selecting a training from the Peer Workforce Alliance's training library.

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Interested in Hosting an Online Training with the Peer Workforce Alliance?
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