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Dakota Steel

DEI Manager

Dakota Steel is a graduate of The Evergreen State College. He is a small business owner and Founder/ Executive Director of UNITE, a local nonprofit serving the Transgender and Gender Non-Comforming community of the south sound. Dakota is a recognized Certified Peer Counselor, Certified Diversity Professional, Trainer and Consultant. The focus of his work is to bring awareness through education to create pathways of opportunity for high barrier communities. He is an innovative and accessible trainer and presenter. who in addition to training diverse audiences in both the public and private sectors, has also served on panels focused on community and workplace equity and passionately advocates for safe and affirming workplaces and service agencies/providers. In addition, he is an experienced coach and mentor assisting indivduals as they navigate through varying stages of their internal and external transitioning journey. Dakota is a tiny home owner/enthusiast, poet, proud grandparent and a self identified sci-fi nerd. As a veteran, he is also passionate about gender equity in all branches of government and military service. Dakota's vision for the future is to live in a community where we can replace judgement with intrigue as we navigate our world together.