Meet Our Team

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Cody Mears


As the Peer Workforce Alliance’s intern, Cody handles much more than creating harmonious symphonies with staplers and the fax machine (he does that, too, though). He has a varied skill set that includes a penchant for writing, graphic design, and a wide range of IT experience. He has utilized these skills to cultivate effective grass roots advocacy for both non-profits, for profits, and the individual.

Cody discovered the importance of shared experience and connection in his early twenties and became certified in Peer Counseling in 2018. His days at the Alliance are the most meaningful life has had to offer, and he looks forward to continuing to be an effective force within the organization.

In his free time, which is admittedly rare, you can find Cody at the record store, writing Star Wars fan-fiction, volunteering, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.