Collaborative Corner

Introducing the Peer Workforce Alliance:

April 5, 2019

This is a time of great change and transition for the Collaborative, including an exciting name change to better reflect the work we do and our unique role in the behavioral health field. We are rebuilding our website to better reflect our mission, vision, and core values, and to unveil our new name, the Peer Workforce Alliance. We will continue to operate in partnership with the WSU College of Nursing, with Linda Eddy as the Principle Investigator for the project, and our focus will shift entirely to peer workforce development.

After we determined we would not pursue ongoing contract work as the statewide training hub for Wraparound with Intensive services we were able to reflect on our core values and to better determine our role in supporting the behavioral health workforce as we move to full integration and transformation in 2020. Based on information gleaned from internal workgroups, strategic planning and extensive stakeholder input, it was made clear that our purpose as a statewide training hub is to focus on lifting up the peer workforce in the same way we were able help lift up the WISe workforce. Integration poses new challenges in the use of peer support, and we are excited to tackle those challenges with our partners.