Certified Peer Counselor Training

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Certified Peer Couselors Build a Stronger, More Resilient Workforce

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In-Person CPC Training

The Peer Workforce Alliance provides the online Certified Peer Counselor training for youth and family members across Washington State. Certified Peer Counselors are people who have experienced mental health challenges and/or substance use challenges in their own lives and are living in recovery, and so model competency in ongoing coping and recovery skills. They help people identify goals that promote recovery and resiliency and assist them in identifying services and activities to help them reach these goals. 

Certified Peer Counselors work with peers and the parents of children receiving mental health services to promote recovery and resiliency. They draw upon their own experiences to help peers find hope and make progress toward recovery. 

Because of their own life experience, Certified Peer Counselors are uniquely equipped to provide support, encouragement, and resources to those with mental health challenges and/or substance use challenges.

How to Complete the Online Certified Peer Counseling Course

We hope you will find the online pre-requisite training course to be a positive and helpful experience. Completing the course is important to gaining the knowledge and skills you will need as a Certified Peer Counselor (CPC).  

There is much information in the online course, including material that is not covered in the 40-hour in-person training. The CPC test covers information from both the in-person and the online course. Please complete the online course thoroughly, take notes, and review the information as you are able.

When you have completed the online course, please email a copy of your certificate to mary.chambers@hca.wa.gov. The Healthcare Authority (HCA) must have a record of completion of the course before confirming registration to any in-person class. This applies to the youth and family training and the standard, adult training.

Full Requirements to Qualify for the In-Person Certified Peer Counselor Course

Certification has three steps:

1. Apply and be accepted to a training. Click here to access the application.
2. Successfully complete a 40-hour approved training.
3. Pass the state exam.

You will need to complete our online training class and send in a completion certificate with your application. Upon passing the CPC test, applicants will receive a letter confirming they have met certification requirements. It should be noted that many employers also require licensure from the Department of Health as an Agency Affiliated Counselor after being hired. Employers are generally knowledgeable about this process, or employees may contact the Department of Health directly. This licensure is only required for individuals providing Medicaid billable services. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Self-identify as a consumer who is receiving or has received mental health services. For a child under the age of thirteen, or for a child age thirteen or older whose parents or legal guardians are involved in the treatment plan, the definition of consumer includes parents or legal guardians. The mental health services they have received can be either privately funded (insurance) or publicly funded (Medicaid).
  • Demonstrate that they have been well grounded in their own mental health recovery for at least one year at the time of application
  • Receive specialized training approved by the state  - the training is free
  • Pass a written and oral exam administered by the State - the exam is free
  • After having successfully passed the exam, one is considered “Qualified to be a Certified Peer Counselor.” To be officially considered a Certified Peer Counselor requires registering with the Washington State Department of Health as an Agency Affiliated Counselor. This requires one to be employed by a  community mental health agency.
  • Complete Peer Counselor Training for Certification

Monday Motivations with Stephanie Lane 6:00-7:30 pm

Mondays we will talk about how to stay motivated during the COV-19, how to prepare for work when you are able to return, advocacy efforts, affirmations and personal development that can be done when we have extra time on our hands. The importance of sleep routines will also be emphasized.

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Trauma Informed Tuesdays 6:00-7:30 pm

Self Care Day Naomi Herrera, Melissa Christensen, Dakota Steel and other guest speakers. How do you keep up with self care when in isolation? How are you staying accountable to your goals? Has COVID-19 brought up past feelings that are strong? Need to process? We are peer for you!

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Wednesday Creative Expressions 6:00-7:30 pm

Wednesdays with Lorrin Gehring - fun projects, experiments and for the whole family to engage and entertain your children and yourselves. Also she will be weaving in healthy parenting tips for people with mental health challenges, who may have stress responses that could negatively impact their coping skills. Art Heals!

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Thursdays: Recovery in Isolation 6:00-7:30 pm

Recovery Coaches will hold online meetings for individuals that are missing their recovery groups. The topics will be picked by the group at the beginning of each meeting. All of the same confidentiality rules of 12 step programs will be read and complied with. This is not a 12 step meeting however. We will explore variations of recovery, including Eastern philosophies and medically assisted treatment.

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Family Fun Fridays: Family Hacks for Quarantined Times

LaTonya Rogers and guests straight talk about "Family Hacks", how to survive a family quarantine when your family is or has experienced substance use disorders and mental health challenges. How do you set boundaries with children, parents and siblings and still remain sane? How do I get alone time without offending my loved ones?

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Saturday Stories: Inspirational Stories of Resilience 10:00-11:30 am

Ann Rider hosts this inspiring hour and a half of stories that will make you laugh and cry but always meant to inspire. (4) stories will be highlighted each Saturday for connection and inspiration. There will be (30) minutes after the shares for the rest of the online group to ask questions and volunteer to share their own stories.

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Saturday Night: Saturday Jams, Comedy, Slam Poetry, Musical Jam Sessions, 7:00-9:00pm

Local Celebrity and Comedian Sam Miller will host comedy, poetry slams, open mic and a monthly talent show (with prizes). If you miss going out or just need a fun Saturday night "in", tune in to Sam, and chill out for a while. He will have many special guests including Stand Up for Mental Health's David Granier who will kick off the series.

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Sunday Morning: Sandra Kozlowski Singing bowls and meditation 10:00am-11:30am

Start you Sunday with the sounds of singing bowls and beginner meditation practices. Slide into Sunday with your own spirituality and get your meditation on! You will be sure to see some familiar faces as many of us have committed to doing all of these workshops with you! We are peer for you! Even on a Sunday!

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