Peer Support

Integrating Peers and Recovery Coaches into clinical and non-clinical behavioral health teams.

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Operationalizing Peer Support

Peer based recovery support services in Washington State such as Certified Peer Counseling and Recovery Coaching has grown exponentially in the last five years.  These services have arisen as an enhancement to professionally- directed addiction and mental health treatment. Peer supports are also being integrated within allied human services, primary health care, the child welfare system, the criminal justice system, and the military/first responders.

With the onset of new services, there come new individuals to supervise.  With Peer Recovery Services, a new and even seasoned supervisor may have questions.  They may ask themselves

“How exactly do I supervise a peer in order to enhance their employment experience?”
“Are there right and wrong ways to supervise peers?”  

These questions are addressed in this training and so much more!

Of course, there are some considerations that are unique to peer workers and that is what Operationalizing Peer Support is all about.  We teach agencies how to integrate SUD/BH/MH Peers into clinical and non-clinical teams. This is an individualized and tailored trauma informed training that focuses on effective supervision strategies for people who supervise peers(mental health, addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders).  We can train on most any topic that has to do with supervision.  Below find some information on popular supervisory subjects we have trained on. Click the subject matter button to learn more about it:

Supervisor Subjects:

Supervision Strategies
Supervisor Check List
SUD Peer Supports Update
Department of Health Affiliated Agency
Billng & Coding
Recovery Coach/CPC Training Process
Case Load Management
Training Manual
Standard Training Manual
Trauma Informed Supervision
Who Can Supervise a Peer
Setting the Organizational Culture for Peers
Problem Gambling
Self-Care & Stress Management
Job Postings
“I think the greatest mistake that could be made in guiding the delivery of P-BRSS(Peer Services) would be to assume that traditional models of clinical supervision within addiction treatment can be indiscriminately applied to the supervision of P-BRSS (Peer Services) delivery. If that occurs, peers providing recovery support service will be turned into little more than junior counselors and the potential vitality of that role and the broader role of community in long-term recovery will be lost. P-BRSS require a distinct role definition, different standards of practice, and different models of supervision.”  -William L. White

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