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Peer Pathways Conference

August 27, 2019


August 28, 2019


Last year’s conference surpassed the previous year’s in attendance and number of workshops offered. There were 36 workshops for almost 350 peer professionals- that is 100 more peers than the previous year! Workshops included: housing & employment services, the power of peer services, system transformation, youth peer leadership, substance use peer services and Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP) - just to name a few. Peers were able to learn, increase their professional toolboxes, share resources and network with other peers. This year there will be more than 40 workshops with an emphasis on substance use disorder peer support recovery services, and a vast diverse group of recovery oriented workshops.

The keynote speakers last year were educational and inspiring. We did not limit our conference to traditional workshops and keynotes; the program included many examples of recovery. We experienced incredibly deep spoken word, singing performances and performing arts with a youth engagement focus.

The key note speakers & entertainment this year are Tonier Cain, Swil Kanin, Sam Miller and back by popular demand, Unleash the Brilliance Youth Dance Troop. Please check out these videos of the amazing talent you will be enjoying at the conference this year:

Tonier Cain

Swil Kanin

Sam Miller

Unleash the Brilliance