Abbreviations for Common Terms

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous 

AAA – Area Agency on Aging

ACS - Access to Care Standards

ACT – Assertive Community Treatment

ADA - Americans with Disability Act

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

ADL – Activities of Daily Living

ADSA – Aging and Disabilities Services Administration

AFDC - Aid to Families with Dependent Children

AFH – Adult Family Home

APS – Adult Protective Services

ASL – American Sign Language

BHO - Behavioral Health Organization

CA – Children’s Administration

CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CCS – Catholic Community Services

CD – Chemical Dependency

CDP- Chemical Dependency Professional

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations

CHINS - Child In Need of Services

CIT – Crisis Intervention Training

CLIP - Children's Long-term Inpatient Programs

CMHA – Community Mental Health Agency

CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

CPC – Certified Peer Counselor

COD – Co-Occurring Disorders

COPS – Consumer Operated Programs & Services

CPS - Child Protective Service

CRC - Crisis Residential Center

CSO – Community Service Office

CSTC - Child Study and Treatment Center

CVAB – Consumer Voices Are Born

DBHR – Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery

DBT – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DD – Developmental Disability

DDD - Division of Developmental Disabilities

DL – Disability Lifeline

DMHP - Designated Mental Health Professional

DOH – Department of Health

DRW - Disability Rights of Washington

DSHS - Department of Social and Health Services

DSM-IV-TR - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (4th edition) Text Revision

DVA – United States Department of Veterans Affairs

DVR - Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Dx - Diagnosis

E & T - Evaluation and Treatment facility

EBP – Evidence-Based Practice

EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EPSDT - Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment

EQRO – External Quality Review Organization

ESD - Educational Service District

ESL – English as a Second Language

ESH – Eastern State Hospital

FACT – Forensic Assertive Community Treatment

FAE/FAS - Fetal Alcohol Effects/Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 

FERPA – Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

FFCMH – Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

FRS - Family Reconciliation Services

GA – Gamblers Anonymous

GLBT(Q) – Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (Questioning)

HHS – United States Department of Health and Human Services

HMO - Health Maintenance Organization

HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HR – Human Resources

HWD – Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities

ICCD – International Center for Clubhouse Development

IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IDDT – Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment

IEP - Individualized Education Plan

IMR – Illness Management and Recovery

ISP – Individualized Service Plan

IST - Interagency Staffing Team

ITA - Involuntary Treatment Act

ITC - Individualized and Tailored Care

JAN – Job Accommodation Network

JRA - Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration

L & I – Department of Labor and Industries

LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker

LD – Learning Disability

LMFT – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

LOS - Length of Stay

LRA – Least/Less Restrictive Alternative 

LRE – Least/Less Restrictive Environment

MCO - Managed Care Organization

MDT - Multidisciplinary Team

MHD - Mental Health Division (outdated; now Division of Behavioral Health and 


MHA – Mental Health Action (in WA State) OR Mental Health Association 


MHFA – Mental Health First Aid

MHHC - Mental Health Housing Consortium 

MHP - Mental Health Professional

MHTP - Mental Health Transformation Project

NA – Narcotics Anonymous

NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAPS– National Association of Peer Specialists

NIH – National Institute of Health

NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health

NMHA – National Mental Health Association

OA – Overeaters Anonymous

OAH – Office of Administrative Hearings

OCP - Office of Consumer Partnerships

OCR - Office of Civil Rights

OEF/OIF – Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom (Afghanistan and Iraq wars)

OSPI - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

OT - Occupational Therapist/Therapy

PACT – Program for Assertive Community Treatment

PASS – Plan for Achieving Self Support

PAVE – Partnerships for Action, Voices for Empowerment

PCP – Primary Care Provider OR Person-Centered Planning

PHI – Protected Health Information

PIHP - Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan

PSSP – Peer Support Service Plan

PT – Physical Therapist/Therapy

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

QA - Quality Assurance

QI - Quality Improvement

QRT - Quality Review Team

RC – Registered Counselor (outdated)

RCW - Revised Codes of Washington

RN – Registered Nurse

RSN - Regional Support Network (outdated, now Behavioral Health Organizations)

RTF - Residential Treatment Facility

Rx – Medical Prescription

SA – Substance Abuse OR Sexual Abuse

SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

SBD - Serious Behavioral Disturbance

SE – Supported Employment

SED - Serious Emotional Disorder

SEIU – Service Employees International Union

SGA – Substantial Gainful Activity

SMI – Serious/Severe Mental Illness (health challenges)

SSA – Social Security Administration

SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI - Supplemental Security Income

TACID - Tacoma Area Coalition for Individuals with Disabilities

TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

TE – Transitional Employment

TWE – Trial Work Experience

TWP – Temporary Work Placement

Tx – Treatment

USPRA – United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

VA – (United States Department of) Veterans Affairs

WAC - Washington Administrative Code

WADADS – Washington Dads (parent organization)

WCMHC – Washington Community Mental Health Council

WDVA – Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs

WIMHRT – Washington Institute for Mental Health Research and Training

WIPA – Work Incentives Planning and Assistance

WPAS – Washington Protection and Advocacy Service

WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan

WSCC – Washington State Clubhouse Coalition

WSH – Western State Hospital

YNA – Youth ‘N Action

YS – YouthSound