Transforming the Peer Workforce through Innovation & Training

WSU's Peer Workforce Alliance provides recovery oriented training & technical support for Washington's Certified Peer Counselors and Behavioral Health Providers

Leadership Summit: We are Peer for Each Other

Peer Pathways Conference Key Note Speech

If you're a Peer interested in developing leadership skills and gaining a national peer leadership perspective. Join us via Zoom on July 28, 2020 for the 2020 Leadership Summit! Stay tuned for the keynote announcement!

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Who We Are

Supporting Resiliency, Hope & Recovery

The WSU Peer Workforce Alliance is an innovative, dynamic organization within Washington State University College of Nursing, that was created with Certified Peer Counselors, behavioral health service providers and service recipients in mind. 

The WSU Peer Workforce Alliance focuses on diversity, technical assistance, and strengthening the behavioral health workforce. Through research, evaluation, and programmatic initiatives, the Peer Workforce Alliance meets the challenges of the emerging peer workforce through recruitment, retention, and advancement of individuals dedicated to recovery, resiliency, and improving quality of life across the lifespan.

About The Peer Workforce Alliance

What We Do

Washington State University's Peer Workforce Alliance provides training & technical support for Washington's Behavioral Health Providers, with a focus on Peer Workforce Development

We do this by providing both in-person and online trainings for peers and professionals working within the Behavioral Health care network. Below is a link to the online Certified Peer Counselor Prerequisite training.

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